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Khadakhan, Russian Federation

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Fedoseevskaya, Russian Federation

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Rodina Geroya, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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Moscow, Russian Federation

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Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation

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Suenga, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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34, male, Single

Samrong, Senegal

I am really down and simple guy seeking for a good and caring woman to take care of me and make me a great one..I am really looking for a serious, nice,

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40, female, Single

Rocky Ford, United States

I am seeking for a long term relationship which will lead to some thing beautiful and fantastic,Kindly mail me with your email

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42, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

I am too trusting at times and I am loyal to my companion and friends. But, I do have a streak of impatience at times which is not a good trait, but I am doing much, much better at being patient. It takes a lot of prayer for me in that area. Oh, and I am a romantic at heart. I love romance.There is a place where you can go dance without the drinking, smoking, cursing and all that going on.. I like that. It's terrible that a lot of men curse and drink far worse than i could imagine.. I think a man should act like a man. I want to be respected for being a man. I like to act, dress and look like a guy. Am Looking for a nice, Honest, Kind and Caring woman, a woman that will Love and be with me for the Rest of my Life,Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend my life with,All i need from you is just being sincere to me,make me feel secured,appreciate,love,care and being understanding,All my life has been engulfed with misery and loneliness,i watch my life layer wide spread in front of me and didn't know what to do with it,my life has been so boring and hope with someone who is ready to Love me for who I am now it's gonna change for the best I want you to know am a man of one woman, i treat my woman with respect and care. Am an affectionate and passionate man. I love kids and pets. .. What do you seek in your ideal man? Am a caring man, who show my woman what true love means, i work according to word of God. I'm a romantic man, I love going to the beach, listen to music, love taking a walk, love going to the movies.I am an easy going person with a great sense of humor....Kind,generous,faithful,down to earth,humble,loyal and trustworthy...I hope to find the same qualities in you that I am seeking for as a partner or something beyond. I believe life without love is like an harp without string,everyone needs love,and i think i deserve a good woman. i love to walk along the beach with my woman holding hands,seeing the breeze and talking romantic stories and al

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62, male, Separated

Ickesburg, United States

Without music... my life would be, well... dull. I have been a participant in everything to do with music since I was 10 years-old. A "band-geek". I play the drums, bass, saxophone and anything I can get my hands on. I grew up in Orange, California (1960-1982). I was a DJ for a few radio stations in Northern California in the '80's. I took some formal music classes, as a full-time student at Fullerton College in California in 1980. I can read, write, transpose and sight-read most simpler compositions fairly well. I have used 'Fake-books' for years. I worked at Disneyland in 1982! Yeah Disneyland! I was in the Main Street Parade almost everyday! Of course, I was carrying a shovel and walking behind the horses! ha haI have been a "California refugee" in Oregon since 1995. I came to Gold Beach, Oregon, with my soon-to-be-ex wife (divorce pending) and my two boys, to take an engineering draftsman position with a custom yacht accessories manufacturer... then in 1997... brain cancer changed everything. Life is short, and I have wasted too much time, in a dead-end relationship. Feelings of obligation and responsibility took priority over 'being true to self'. Thirty years later... NOW I finally 'get it'! Enough is enough. Time to be real, get serious, find one of my soul-mates! - jef I tried a couple of other sites, completely forgetting my goal of being with someone who, not only 'likes' music, but that actually can 'play' music. duhhh... So I came here, the other day, and started signing up. I still have some problems with some of these 'tech things' because of the brain cancer. I like turning low-tech into usable items. I don't have a lot invested in music gear, but what I do have is functional. and sometimes even fits the bill for the composition and arrangement of an original song. - jef

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26, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

Well am single seeking for a woman to be with or a helper in my life who will always share with me and make me feel so great and happy till end..

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Puskino, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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Novonikolskoe, Russian Federation

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Habarovsk, Russian Federation

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Pavlovo, Russian Federation

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Svetloe, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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Kazan', Russian Federation

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Khadakhan, Russian Federation

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Abramovka, Central, Moscow oblast, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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