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Perm, Volga, Perm krai, Russian Federation

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Abramcevo, Central'nyj, Moskovskaja oblast', Russian Federation

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Fedoseevskaya, Russian Federation

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Gorbunovka, Russian Federation

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Pogorelka, Russian Federation

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Bolshoe Samylovo, Russian Federation

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Sankt-Peterburg, Northwestern, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Bolshoe Samylovo, Russian Federation

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39, male, Single

Gulpazar, Turkey

hi from turkey , I am russian teacher , wanna meet an iceland girl , wanna married and living in there. I am social person, easily may live in a country , for long tıme lived in russia. I have no work in turkey . ı am sure wanna new life in iceland.

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50, male, Married

Bele-Kushalskoe, Russian Federation

Hi dear Russian Ladies!I m traveling minımum 6 times a year to moscow.I m seeking my partner in moscow during my stays.I m working in tourism business and ı m a general manager of one hotel in antalya.I like traveling, nice restaurants, nice night clubs, dancing and ofcourse like russion ladies.I will be in moscow from 26 - 29 of december. Be my partner, sure you wıll enjoy....

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29, male, Single

Bellport, United States

1. Good music.A few well-known "metal" bands: Neurosis, Melvins, Mastodon, High on Fire, Opeth, Ihsahn (solo), Tool, Gojira, Meshuggah, Exodus, Animals As Leaders, most Ministry, White Zombie, System of a Down, anything with Devin Townsend, especially Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Triptykon.Lesser-known "metal" bands: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, U.S. Christmas, Dukatalon, Cynic (really hope you've heard of those guys), Axis of Perdition, Swashbuckle, Russian Circles, Rings of Saturn (though they've certainly and rapidly ascended into prominence relatively recently), YOB (again, I feel as if you should know those guys), Bloody Panda.Non-"metal" bands I like: The Mars Volta (earlier albums), Jack White shtuff, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, most EARLY Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, That Handsome Devil)2. Knowledge and intelligence. I love, practically, all sciences, especially chemistry and biologic sciences (everything is simply fascinating), history (everything that has been is fascinating), and miscellaneous tidbits of useless info (DC/Marvel/Dark Horse comic lore, video game talk, current events).3. Games. I love playing video games, namely the Fallout series, Mario games, racers, platformers, RPGs, etc. I love playing basketball, lawn games, board games, etc.I enjoy watching most sports (hockey, football, basketball). I consider myself highly athletic and zealous, although I don't necessarily have an athletic body (yet).4. Respect. Passion. Consideration. Love.5. Comedy. Hedburg, Giraldo, Carlin, Hicks.I f***ing love Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job! and Tom Goes to the Mayor. I am well adept at quoting said shows, so please use caution. I absolutely love Xavier: Renegade Angel.6. Honorable mention: utilizing the various strains of the Cannabis plant.I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day/evening and, in the event I never get the opportunity to speak with you, a happy remainder of existence.

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49, male, Single

Grey Lynn, Norway

My name is Fathi, I am 42 years old, from tunisia my height is 1,80, weight is 93 kg, a smart, intelligent , very good looking man with a sense of humor, sociable and communicative , confident with great personality, a happy ,charismatic and positive attitude,confident, sociable, fun and passionate. very well educated, my occupation are in sales& marketing also as silk screen printerI live in norway in oslo , I have variety of hobbies, fishing, playing tennis, , listen to salsa and Latino usics. I like to go to theatre, movies, I do like, animals . I do speak more then 10 foreign languages including japanese. And russian In my future I have alots of dreemd to realize them , Iam not rich but I concider myself very wealthy in the most important things life has to offer IAM RESPONSIBLE ,CARING PERSON ,LOYAL AND UNDERSTANDING AND FAITHFUL WITH GREAT RESPECT TO COMMITMENT.

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43, male, Single

Majalengka Kulon, Indonesia

I am interested in the beauty russian woman ... if anyone would like to get acquainted closer

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