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31, male, Single

Egglkofen, Germany

I am a nice,lovely and smart guy who like the good things of life.I love meeting people which is the reason why am on this site.I love to meet people who we exchange spare time to talk about Life and Love.I love cooking,writing poems and reading novels.I am a perfect gentleman who believe in humanitarian service as the best work of life.I am a family oriented man who like to make a lady Happy.I am a very optimistic person when it comes to Views.I like to meet someone who i can make happy,someone who i can make smiles ,i really don't beleive in beauty of the eyes,my ideal of beauty is the beauty that lies within the heart.I like to meet a lady who knows what they want and when they want it.u

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30, male, Single

Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Ben, I'm 23, I live on the Isle of wight and I'm a bass player.Heavily influenced by Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Rise Against and Rammstein as a favourite few but my music taste varies from Cannibal Corpse and Whitechapel to Hvorostovsky and Pavarotti and pretty much everything in between except RnB and hip hop! Yuck! Currently working on the Southampton to Isle of wight ferry service as a Deck Hand but working my way up to Bosun (senior hand) Have a slight addiction to Jack and coke. Had my heart broken many times, so looking for a kind genuine person to build up a frienship and hopefully a relationship with. I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

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70, female, Divorced

Minerva, United States

It is a blessing to have what one needs: good health, active lifestyle, all basic needs are met (refer to Maslow's triangle here) :-) and to live just a few steps from the beach. New to this area, know a lot of folks but it seems everyone is in established relationships. I would enjoy meeting new & interesting people It is wonderful to have family close by to go to theatre, out to dinner, and beach related excursions however I would like to meet a like minded gentleman to enjoy time with.This is my first time on any dating/social meet up service so what to put in a profile? I would like to meet someone in real time for coffee/tea and to see if we are compatible. I live at the beach and enjoy all that it has to offer. Love birdwatching, stargazing, sea turtle protecting ...Within walking distance of the Aquarium. Airlie Gardens is a haven for me: a serene, tranquil place. Great natural habitat there for observation, also trails for fitness.I'm an avid supporter of the arts and I am passionate about opera and live theatre.I am equally at home at a black tie event or a backyard BBQ. I bait my own hook!My hair is silver, not grey... Recently moved here from Dallas, would be delighted to meet a buddy to do things with. I have family here however a special friend to go out with to do all of these fun things that I like to do wold be great !By this age, whatever it may be, we have all had our share of hurts and losses. Some are unavoidable, but much hurt/loss can be avoided. By living gently and following the Golden Rule we can avoid hurt to ourselves and others. Having an open heart to others is very important to me. Time is fleeting and very precious, life is meant to be lived! "Be Here Now!"If you think you'd like to get together, email!Trying to upload photo, having problems with this site

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65, male, Widowed

Adamsburg, United States

To get better acquainted, allow me to elaborate more on my profile: Iā€™m a divorced white male, 6ā€™2ā€, 165 lbs. auburn/gray hair and brown eyes, physical fit.Retired US Air Force Veteran and retired Civil Service employee. A my company nowMy positive traits: Realist, healthy, athletic (I have an elliptical machine in the bedroom), self-confident, financially secure, very neat, conservative, adventurous, family orientated and have a keen sense of humor.My negative traits: Very independent, moody, drive to fast, dislike commercial air-travel (I do have a passport) and I eat out most of the time.For entertainment and stress relief I enjoy playing guitar, listening to music & dancing, participating in various sports like tennis, softball, basketball, football, volleyball, cycling, etc. lounging by the pool, well behaved children & pets and once and a while watching new or favorite movies.Seeking: Healthy, stable, self-confident, passionate, adventurous, family orientated and has a keen sense of humor.

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28, male, Single

Rapids City, United States

Hi I'm Taylor. I'm a 22 year old service tech for lincare. I have grown up in church all my life. No I don't go now but I'm working on that. I'm 420 friendly. I'm trying to quit smoking cigs. Care to know more message me

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