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Smolensk, Russian Federation

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Fedoseevskaya, Russian Federation

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Zapadnaya Starinka, Russian Federation

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Smolensk, Russian Federation

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Khadakhan, Russian Federation

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Aeroport Sheremetevo, Central, Moscow oblast, Russian Federation

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31, male, Single

Pahar Khan, Pakistan

I am very loving and romantic person i love to make romance and all that with that who will be with me in time so i like snooker in games nd i like dating outing long drive etc having soft nature .

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30, female, Single

Murray, United States

Hi, I'm CeeCee. I'm 24, and an over the road trucker which makes dating hard. I love country music and musicians in general. I don't have any musical talents, except for some writing but I would love to learn guitar and the piano. I'm friendly, funny, energetic and I just want to have fun in life, but I don't want to do it alone.

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37, female, Single

Harristown, United States

I am very intelligent, energetic, loyal, respectful, positive, optimistic, romantic, caring, sensitive, compassionate, easy going, appreciative, monogamous, witty, friendly, sincere, articulate, understanding, straightforward, flexible, adaptable, hardworking and easy to please. Importantly, I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh. I am a one man woman . I do not do drugs, do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games , i'm looking for a man that will love me,take good care of me,someone i can grow old with,someone with a good sense of humor and more.I dont intend to spend more than a day or 2 on this dating web to get connected to whosoever i want to connect with so if you seem the person i'm looking for ,Be smart and contact me directly ! rosemarypiersonbold is my ID and to figure the network, you I'll use the first alphabet of the following word in capital , Yoke , Apple, Hot, Orange, Orange. Let see if you solve it by writing me. Had to sneak this in lol

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49, male, Widowed

Kettering, United Kingdom

So, I am a decent man who misses that somone special to share life's pleasures with. Now back out into the dating seen, I will usually take the time to get to know people. I am qualified as a personal trainer and work part time in a gym. My work fits with my caring nature. I am not a fitness fanatic, but good at my job. I am also a former gym owner and now a property landlord. I love entertaining, cooking and restaurants. I also love travel and holidays. These are things I would rather do within a relationship than with friends. I am a sensitive and deep person who likes a good conversation. I extensively researched the paranormal following the death of my wife.

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29, male, Single

Dahisar, India

Hi there,Umm.. never been to a dating site before. My friend she insisted me on getting over here as she found her partner from Iceland over here.Upside of me: I'm faithful, optimistic, can be childish & an adult , in short will be everything for that special one.Downside: I get really attached & if you're looking for time pass and hookups only, I'm not your type of guy.I love to travel, watch movies, gym, writing (yea I write prose, short stories), and passionate about helping others, want to do all the fun and everything with my other significant.I love to listen to Blues, country, R&B music. Maroon 5, Adam levine, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Coldplay are my fav.And yea I'm a movie buff too, for all languages (Have a particular interest in all cultures, always eager to know and read about whenever get a chance.), so it qualifies me under bibliophile.So yes I love to read too. (Naming my fav books will end you up with reading a long list).Family means a lot to me, so the respect I'll show to yours I'll expect you to show mine's.For me trust is everything & I hate liars, have seen them a lot lately.I can write a whole tv series on myself, but its better you find yourself what I missed and if we can be compatible enough.If you can't see or send message get me on instagram _shubh_gupta

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