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33, female, Single

Princeton, United States

I am independent and self reliant. I don't mind being alone but don't want to be lonely. I appreciate the companionship of a good man and the completeness that we can bring to each others lives. I enjoy intimacy and miss it terribly. I would like to find someone I can give my heart to. I am not into the singles social scene. A long term relationship is my ultimate goal. However, I am not going to rush into anything. FRIENDSHIP FIRST IS A MUST! Looks are only the beginning. I am more interested in whats on the inside. I do not expect perfection, just someone with a good kind heart, integrity, intelligence, etc..

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68, male, Divorced

Fort Wayne, United States

learning to play violin, listen to classical and Pandora, and 70's 80's pop, zen meditation, playing golf, hiking, going to concerts, creating artistic spiritual environmentwould love to meet someone to share life, interest, and caring.

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38, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

Well i am originated from the state in South Carolina city but currently in Ghana due to what i and my mom went through when we were in the state .. well i know it is a long story but i have to tell you to make everything sound clear to you because i believe in truth , honesty, and faith when it comes to something like building a good and healthy relationship..`well my mom is an African who lived 25 years of her life there in the Easten part of Ghana .. She then had a scholarship from the university she attended and had to come to the state to furter her education .. Well she started schooling there and in some months later she meet my Dad.. They started a relationship together as they loved each other very well but my Dads parents and family never likes my mom because she was an African and they gave my dad a woman to get married to but at the moment my mom was pregnant for my dad so he refused to do what his family and parents told him to do, So they ignored my dad from the family and he and my mom had to struggle hard to make life better for themselves .. my dad has to work hard all that moment because mom was pregnant and cant work at the moment.. In some months later mom gave birth to me and dad made a very big party for my naming ceremony as my family in Ghana also did the same although mom and dad were not there .. when i was at the age of eighteen years dad was a truck driver so he was going on a journey to North Dakota to take some items there so on his way there he had an accident which he felt very unconcious and had to be rushed to the hospital but time was not on his side so he died .. Since he died , his family and parents placed the blame on my mom that she is the cause of what happened to my dad , they threw us out from my dads house so we had no option and came back to Africa to where my moms families are

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56, male, Divorced

Price, United States

I am Singles and Open Minded Man and i am seeking for the Same in a Woman you can get me on so i have been singles for about 5 yrs and i neeed someone who is Very Serious Who i can Trust and Spend the rest of Life with

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48, male, Single

Aoubellil, Algeria

hello girls I am shopping I live in Algeria singles I am looking for serious relationships and friendships with girls very nice typical Canadian americainnes European I like the computer has internet televisions travels through the worlds of music americainnes beautiful jaime americainnes Annèe the 70 cars muscle car dodge jaime americainnes Annèe 70 chevrolet impala 1967 kansas jaime the series americainnes the talks jerry shaw americainnes springers shows chicago

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