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Sankt-Peterburg, Northwestern, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Abramovka, Central, Moscow oblast, Russian Federation

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Puskino, Russian Federation

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Nikolaevka, Russian Federation

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Blinnye Kuchi, Russian Federation

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Khadakhan, Russian Federation

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Fedoseevskaya, Russian Federation

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Halikeevo, Russian Federation

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68, male, Widowed

Oak Park, United States

I am a sweet,romantic Man, I love to play golf I read,I play poker I am good at it. I am a good cook. I like to fish and I bait my own hook! I also like to veg out in front of the tv and watch movies sometime.Also, my appearance am very attractive and am proud to talk about that. I am a Christian. My dear, for my personal traits, I am Serious, Kind, Confident, Smart, Responsible, Honest, Calm, Flexible, Elegant, Communicative, Sensitive, Gentle, Cheerful, Optimistic and Romantic ...I am a very outgoing person, who loves to dine out, travel and enjoy the simple life.

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45, male, Single

Sibantang, Philippines

I'm a simple person and nice. I'm a caring type. Based on my personal appearance you could see that I am not a cute one but with looks. I love nature, I love to travel and I love to indulge nature. I love my family as well.

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30, male, Single

Machyoon, Pakistan

I will tell about my personal intro. to my future life partner.

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51, male, Single

Buffalo, United States

I admit it - I know what I want and work hard to get it. I am a bright, intense professional - I am loyal to a fault, and have a mission to make everyone in my life feel safe and loved. In return, I expect the same as I give . . . loyalty, without judgment, with an open heart. My personal life is important, but I will also say that I have a career that I love, there is a balance . . . and it helps to be in a relationship with someone who appreciates those issues and appreciates when efforts are made to push aside the professional for the personal. Sometimes I like going out in the woods,beach and getting a little crazy, blowing off some steam. So what I am looking for is that right person - someone who can walk with me, share the laughs, get my humor, who can talk literature and pop culture. I want the right person to walk with me, share laughs, good times, friendship, and ultimately, the truth of each other. But I'll also say, if you are into drama, or are into crazy, we should probably take a pass. I am more than happy to take on your issues, but at the end of the day, I need an exchange. I'm at a great place in my life and it just keeps getting better and am looking for life enhancers.The most important quality to me (aside from a musical voice), is having an inquisitive mind that can move from politics, to sports to TV, to poetry, to psychology or to science or other places. And perhaps even more important, is a kind heart, the kind of heart that will not be mad at me if I talk to a homeless person and try to find out their life story or if someone is having problems at a store with a credit card, and I just pay their bill. We are here to be kind to each other, to take care of each other, and that's what I want to do, not just for my partner, but also others. And my partner can't be afraid of that.As for fun, well, I like music, sports - the usual - I like to sing loud - some call it hollerin' - I call it opera. It's been my project this year to watch all

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63, male, Divorced

Kyawhla, Kuwait

I’ve had some fantastic career experiences that have given me great respect for world cultures and a strong work ethic. I am a very determined person and confident in reaching my goals. I have always been motivated to help others, All I need to feel content in life is to know that I’m making a difference to the fullest extent of my ability. I also do plenty for myself between world travel, fitness and plenty of other things. Everything is pretty balanced in my life right now. I may live with great purpose, but I’m actually very introverted, so my close relationships are especially sacred to me. When I love someone I dote all my kindness and affection onto that relationship, and I have never regretted being that way. I ask for respect and I give it in abundance because I'm entirely non-judgmental. I would rather focus my energy on being a good influence and making people feel appreciated. Open communication means everything! The most important thing right off the bat is that my match and I have plenty in common, including a shared desire to see the world. If you’re established in your career and personal life, then that’s a great catalyst for branching out and dabbling in some spontaneous experiences. I’m most attracted to someone who is caring, good in communication, and completely kind to everyone he crosses paths with.

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Voronezh, Central, Voronezh oblast, Russian Federation

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Kozinka, Russian Federation

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Sankt-Peterburg, Northwestern, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Fedoseevskaya, Russian Federation

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Vladivostok, Russian Federation

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Kozinka, Russian Federation

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