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49, male, Single

Stow-Cum-Quy, United Kingdom

I joined the British Army as an Infantry Soldier serving in the 1st Battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment. I left in 1998 after 8 years of service which took me all over the world both good and bad times. I ran my very own construction company for 8 years. In 2006 I required an emergancy operation on my spine to remove several disc's in my spine,this left me using a wheelchair. I like to read book, watch films and build useful things. I have a strong out going personality. I'm intelligent and thoughtful. I am willing at the drop a hat to help my fellow ex Military in any way I can even if if I don't know them. I am loyal beyond reproach

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31, male, Single

Egglkofen, Germany

I am a nice,lovely and smart guy who like the good things of life.I love meeting people which is the reason why am on this site.I love to meet people who we exchange spare time to talk about Life and Love.I love cooking,writing poems and reading novels.I am a perfect gentleman who believe in humanitarian service as the best work of life.I am a family oriented man who like to make a lady Happy.I am a very optimistic person when it comes to Views.I like to meet someone who i can make happy,someone who i can make smiles ,i really don't beleive in beauty of the eyes,my ideal of beauty is the beauty that lies within the heart.I like to meet a lady who knows what they want and when they want it.u

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59, male, Single

Blonduos, Iceland

Really don't know how to start,Because i am new to online dating stuff....I am always on the field doing what i know how to do best which is lending service to my nation ,not withstanding i would say a little about myself.I am Bryce by name as it is stated on my profile,Came out of my mothers womb on the 6th of October 1963,May her soul rest i perfect peace.I am Senior. Staff Sgt. of the Iceland Army.I seldom get involved with online stuffs,But i just got to a point in my life where my friend asked me to broaden my mind by trying a new relationship,Because i actually made a promise to myself not to get into any relationship for a long time after the mother of my two kids lost her life to Cancer.I am a gentle,down to earth,out going ,fun to be with,cheerful ,bold and responsible man.The list is endless though.I still serve my nation and in less than no time i'll be retiring. I have got a relative good sense of humor ,I love to make the woman i love feel on top of the world.I have two lovely kids,Bryce Jr. and Debbie.They are the light to my path and they are the ones that make my world complete at the moment,I am looking forward to meeting my other half to make everything complete for me,A woman i have been longing for i cant wait to meet her.

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40, female, Divorced

Downey, United States

I am a single mother and I work a lot. I work nights so dating is hard. I would like to find someone in the service industry or someone who plays in a band because they get my schedule and can keep up with my late nights.

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57, female, Divorced

Tharang Chong, Cambodia

I am all kinds of trouble and also have more old fashioned domestic skills than any woman you know. I'm very committed to being of service in this world but I'm comfortably connected to my shadow self. I'm free thinking, I make up my own rules as I go along and I'm 90% shameless. I work very hard but I've had a "job" for less than 2 years total in my life. I like working on my own ideas and projects. I'm mostly self taught but I have an amazing skill set. I'm highly empathetic and consequently I need to be a bit of a hermit but I love deep conversation and I love to laugh and dance. I'm probably an introvert, but when I go out I'm often seen as the life of the party. I had a long successful marriage and then I ended it because there were a whole lot of reasons that made it the right thing to do. I've enjoyed being single. The autonomy has been amazing! Now I'm finally ready to be in an intimate partnership again. I long for someone to come home to, someone to share part of my life with, someone to witness my accomplishments and encourage me. I want someone to give me a reason to cook. I can cook absolutely anything, but can't be bothered doing it for myself. I can envision a relationship with someone who wants to nurture and shelter me but who is truly my equal. I want to take care of someone who wants to take care of me!

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