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29, male, Single

Lincoln, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm kane, I'm not the greatest at writing these, so we'll see how it goes.. I work in customer service which is surprisingly quite fun. I listen to many different genres of music, although punk/heavy metal are genres of choice. I used to play guitar, but have since developed arthritis which is super :/ so I'm now trying to learn harmonica instead. I can be somewhat anti-social :( but I'm trying to change this. I'm not really sure on what else to put here, if you want to know more, feel free to get in touch and ask :)

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59, male, Widowed

Deepwater, United States

I'm Staff Sgt Kenny white 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry of Georgia's 48th Brigade Combat Team, presently and currently stationed here at FOB Salerno Camp in Khowst Afghanistan as part of the troops still remaining to complete the later part of the war plan. My military education includes the United States Military Academy (U.S.M.A) at West Point, New York (Class of 1989) Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced courses, Armed Forces Staff College, and a U.S. Army War College Senior Fellowship at the Hoover Institution, Michigan University.I am on National Assignment at Afghanistan and things here are a bit calm now. This is my second mission here and I have been here for almost 9 months now. I use my leisure time to search for the love of my life because I figured out lately that I need to love again. I want to love and be loved. I want to settle down again. I have been lonely for years now. I have also been in this service for the past 27 years and now I am looking forward to retirement. I have only 2 month left for my retirement. I'm affectionate, love cuddling, kissing, holding hands. I'm very romantic and love to be romanced, pampered and treated like a special man. I am just an admire person looking for the real meaning of love. I am sweet, caring, understanding, patient, humble, I love people who accept who I am responsible am rich in good spirit and willing to share the real meaning of love to the right person. I love feeling secure and being sure that I can trust and be trusted. I love companionship that allows for having ones own space as well.

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59, male, Single

Wiang Hao, Thailand

Love to Travel around on holidays at Sea beaches with some one special during time off and holidays. Currently looking to take time off from my long service and spend time with some one special.

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51, female, Single

Central, Singapore

i am who i am looking here, I am a easy going, straightforward person, fun, humorous,enjoyed traveling, any hobbies I will try as l'm quite a adventurous too. I am single , been divorced for almost 6 yrs now, working in a Japanese company as " Customer Service Supplies & Admin Officer". My free time is after visit my parents , I will go out any cafe for a cosy relax time reading or go for a long walk alone or sometimes hang out with some travellers or friends who visit my small country, Sometimes I will spend time alone watching movies online and house cleaning. I am not a drinker Nor a smoker and I am fine friends are. I loved to be pamper, kissing , passionate , loved to be cuddle and holding hands any where and place , also spending quality time with each other. I loved animals especially dogs.:pI am hoping to meet someone who is genuine,trustworthy, respectful, enjoy traveling, funny , humors, passionate, romantic, love kissing , love cuddling , holding hands and hoping for o find that chemistry click and able to keep the conversation going. He must meant what he say .

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35, female, Single

Kabangasan, Philippines

I'm starting my own Burger Business here in Philippines and I also have a steady job as an IT Service Desk in VXI Global Holdings. I like to paint, sing and go out. I want to travel and have been to several beaches here in Philippines. I love watching Anime and reading Mangas

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